Friday, March 3, 2017

Thoughts on Somali Refugees leaving US for Canada by Annamika Dua

Recently I read an article called “Fleeing America: Why refugees are risking life and limb to escape to Canada” by Mallory Simon and Sara Sidner. This story talked about how Somali refugees had initially come to America seeking help, but when they could not find anything here, they decided to go to Canada. Two of the refugees this article who were talked about were Hussein Ahmed and Mohamed Hossain. Both of these men were only a few of the many who struggled through the snow, and at some points even had to crawl through it, in order to get to their destination: Canada. Unfortunately, some refugees also suffered from frostbite on their way. The reason so many refugees felt the need to suddenly leave America was because of Trump’s ban on Somali refugees. They knew that if they stayed in the U.S. and were caught, they would be deported. Both Ahmed and Hossain are extremely thankful to Canada and its people for letting them into their country and saving their lives. They finally, after many months, feel like they have found a home. I think that this is a very large issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible. As Americans, we may not think about this too much because we sometimes get too invested in our own small problems. What we need to realize is that there are thousands of refugees out there, children and adults, who need our help. Anything we can do for them we should. I think that we should learn more about these people and try to figure out a way in which this problem can be solved.

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