Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Book Review of A Separate Peace by author, John Knowles by Anuj Kadakia

Anuj Kadakia

Book Review of A Separate Peace by author, John Knowles. 

This book was both interesting and enticing. I continuously read the book and did not cease to enjoy reading it. It is a story about two teenage boys, Gene Forreter and Phineas. These two boys have a constant war between themselves while also maintaining a strong friendship. The novel can be extremely relatable at times, leading to a urge to want to continue. This relatable character is primarily through Gene. He is a student who continually tries his hardest to succeed, but somehow gets overpasses by someone else or has an issue occur to him from his environment. This mix of actions that occur to him make it so the reader feels a level of sympathy for him, while also agreeing with his thought process. 

On top of this interesting character development, the story itself is enticing. It shows how easily friends can turn into enemies and how easily friendship can deteriorate. If the correct procedures are taken in a friendship and a large deal of care is placed in the relationship, only then will it be strengthened and reinforced. A war is going on in the story, and the author, John Knowles, effectively shows the reader that although large issues may be erupting in people's environment, their mental perception of the actions around them will have the largest effect. I initially believed that this book would not be interesting whatsoever and that I would have no drive to complete it, but as I progressed through the novel, my desire to continue reading rose. This book should definitely be read because it is a relatable, interesting novel. It goes to show that not all books need to catch your eye instantly, maybe you have to try something new. In the end, you may find that the new action you attempted was a great decision. 

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