Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Truth Behind Tattoos by Shweta Murali

The Truth Behind Tattoos

Whitney Develle, a tattoo artist in Brisbane, Australia, posted on her Instagram (@whitneydevelle) that she would be dedicating one-two days a week to give free tattoos to people who self-harmed and wanted to cover up their scars. She was motivated because of one of her close friends self-harmed and had scars that she wanted to cover up. Develle had so many responses that she actually had to announce that she would only have 50 free sittings this year, but will give discounts to everyone else who would like to go to her. However, Whitney is not the only person doing this. In Ohio, Brian Finn spends one day a week covering scars from domestic violence, self-harm, and human trafficking. Similarly, Flavia Carvalho in Curibita, Brazil covers up scars from mastectomies into floral tattoos.
No one should have to feel embarrassed because of scars. Fear of becoming ridiculed should not exist, but it still does. This is why what Develle does is so meaningful. It helps those who are scared alleviate their fears. I personally think that what she and the other tattoo artists are doing is a simply amazing thing and more people should be like them. This is a larger issue than it seems like, and self-harm and depression are becoming more common, especially among teens. This is why we always have to keep in mind what we say and do. If we take small yet meaningful steps just like Develle, we can end self-harm forever.

Shweta Murali

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